Fibromyalgia Income And Job Idea Club

Fibromyalgia Income And Job Idea Club

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Basic Introduction Training

I take a lot of time helping newcomers get a basic understanding of ALL the hundreds of ways that you could use to make some money.

I show you how you could adapt your passions and skills to end up starting a small home business – offline or online – that will be perfectly suited to you personally.

This is why it would then be so instrumental in reducing your stress levels and taking back your happiness, and earning you a full-time living.

Core skills training

People think it will be hard to do, but it is just a matter of doing a few things one step at a time. I teach you each and every one of those steps. How to choose a business type, how to choose a niche within that option. How to get hosting, how to set up a website. All easy to do. step by step.

Specific income model training

This is training focussed on details related to the type of online business that you chose. Things like writing for a living, dropshipping, print on demand, blogging and many more.

Case studies

Under the case studies section, I will be doing live websites and grow them over time showing you how I would do it, so you can see how to do that for yourself.

I also do case studies on things like ranking a page or ranking a video. Small but detailed case studies.

Ongoing updates and new ideas

Things change all the time online, and you will be able to rely on me finding the trends, the changes and more to keep you up to date with what is happening. All this is so you can use the time you do have available to work on your business (or your health)

Bonus related courses

Knowing that as a fibromyalgia victim I am also very interested in all the other things that might – or might not – help me learn to cope with the constant attack on my body, I created this section.

I have courses on anxiety, on meditation, on stress, on time management and more.

Plus I work with influencers in the world of fibromyalgia to bring you more advice on how to manage your fibromyalgia condition.

A seven day free trail

I really want those who need my help to have a good look at what I offer and what I can do to help them, so I set it up so that you can join for free for 7 days to have a very good look around and decide for yourself if this will help you sort out your income issues and reduce your stress levels. And hopefully, bring down your pain levels by a huge amount.

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