Vindale Research Review:  Quick Tutorial – Make Money With Surveys – Legit?

Vindale Research Review: Quick Tutorial – Make Money With Surveys – Legit?

In this Vindale Research review video, watch me sign up and get started in taking paid surveys. During sign up, I find that there were too many ads (particularly for other survey sites!). I tried multiple paid surveys and was kicked out every single one (due to not being qualified). Even the surveys that Vindale Research recommended for me, it didn’t work either! In the end, I was not able to successfully complete any surveys after spending a good hour on the site. I GIVE UP!

Anyways, I had a bad experience with Vindale Research and I don’t personally like them, but they are still better than most other paid survey sites out there. *Hopefully, you have better luck with them than I did. Give them a try, it’s free to sign up anyways.

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