JOE DISPENZA 2020: MANIFEST WITH THE BOX TECHNIQUE (Change Your Box, Change Your Reality )

JOE DISPENZA 2020: MANIFEST WITH THE BOX TECHNIQUE (Change Your Box, Change Your Reality )

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JOE DISPENZA 2020:MANIFEST WITH THE BOX TECHNIQUE ( Change Your Box, Change Your Reality )

Dr. Joe Dispenza
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Change Your Box, Change Your Reality: Part I


Our community has evolved into a living, breathing organism. This collective is part of a devoted global community dedicated to enriching their lives and bringing peace to themselves, their families, and to the greater good. It’s for this reason that I want to introduce you to the “Box Meditation” teaching in a first-ever three-part series. This teaching and meditation is one of the most popular among our advanced community, so in preparation for releasing the guided “Box Meditation,” I am going to challenge and push the greater community to become familiar with it. You may at first find it challenging, but once you get it, I assure you it’s a very easy exercise to shift your consciousness, get out of “the box” of the present reality you are stuck in, and create a new dimension of opportunities in your life. Are you ready?

― Joe Dispenza

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