NT Wright on Romans 9

NT Wright on Romans 9

Dr. Flowers plays a clip from NT Wright (https://youtu.be/6osLhKM4XKw) talking about Romans 9 teaching on God’s sovereign election of Israel to serve His purpose in bringing redemption for the world by which anyone can be saved by grace through faith, rather than the common misconception of some theologians who take this chapter to teach that God literally hates and rejects most of humanity before they are born and only sovereignly elects to save a select few by a unilateral and effectual work of grace (i.e. Calvinism).

Dr. Flowers also engages with a sermon posted by Dr. James White which was preached by Derek Melton on Romans 9 titled “Unconditional Election” (https://www.sermonaudio.com/solo/gracelifepryor/sermons/82320168284817/)

Join us for a live discussion!

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