Rural Family Doctor, Raised CRC, Jordan Peterson, Vervaeke, Christianity, Life

Rural Family Doctor, Raised CRC, Jordan Peterson, Vervaeke, Christianity, Life

Many of you are going to LOVE John. I was the son of a home missionary. He was the son of a radio missionary. I did Calvin College. He did Trinity. He became a family doctor in a small town, able to work with his hands. He was into Jordan Peterson before he was big. He does podcasts and audiobooks as he bikes to work.

Grew up in South Holland, IL
Doctor in rural montana
Stop talking start doing Jordan Peterson
John Vervaeke
Opt in, opt out
Are you in, can you forgive?
Small town, you do more because of necessity
Tim Lee conversation
Vervaeke is giving new vocabulary
Addiction is nothing better to do
Intellectuals have better things to do by sitting and thinking
Ubiquitously known knowledge about how to be healthy
Fasting is the most powerful medical tool, cheap, safe drug called the third eye
Skip a meal, skip a pill
He lets his patience text him
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Philosopher, farmer fabricator
Augustine college, about 15 students in Ottawa Canada
What does progressive mean?
Progressive is virtually death
Your ark is your community
Randos United
How to graze efficiently, guillotine
Mental illness and loss of community, domicide
Permission to share
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